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“We welcome you to come on in, relax, sit back, and enjoy some of the best food the Lakes Region has to offer…”

Well, if you know Bill and Sally, you know they are both to busy cooking, serving and keeping all their customers happy to worry about some fancy story for their website!  I’ve been waiting for a year to update this page…but in that year, I have had the chance to eat at Kitchen Cravings and hang out with Bill and Sally many, many times.  And each time I do, not only do I enjoy a belly filling, mouth-watering meal, I get to hear stories of their wanderlusting journeys.

For instance, I was enjoying one of Bill’s famous (and huge) burritos when he launched into a diatribe of his and Sally’s jeep trip over the Continental Divide.  If you notice, I did not write ‘through’ the divide, but I did in fact write OVER!  They traveled over the top of these mountains in a jeep. Yes the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, some reaching over 14,000 feet to the Heavens.  Ask them about it sometime—it’s an incredible story.  Another time I was devouring an Iron Horse Burger, and Bill was spinning fish tales of their scuba diving adventures in South Florida. Yea, How big was that fish again, Bill??Kitchen Cravings Summer

Well, Bill and Sally have adventured to and fro together for over twenty years now.  Their eclectic menu is reflective of their diverse and traveled lives.  Bill is especially proud of the fact that his recipes are not from any book or the food channel, but were all inspired from the best cuisine he and Sally have enjoyed during their excursions.   The menu is diverse, refreshing and adventurous, just like its creators…  Anyway, if you want to learn more about Bill and Sally and Kitchen Cravings, you’ll have to go there and eat.  Dining at Kitchen Cravings is an exceptional experience all around; the service; the atmosphere, and especially the food.  But don’t take my word for it, give it a try for yourself – tell them Dave sent ya!